Dedicated Childcare Professionals

The Baby Sitters’ Guild specializes in infant and child care.  Due to our extensive resources, we also provide travelers with adult care and pet care as well.

The Babysitter’s guild has a renown reputation for providing professional childcare.

We staff only professionals who sincerely care about the work that they do, as they have dedicated their entire lives to caring for others in a professional capacity.  Each sitter is totally dedicated to childcare and many have backgrounds in nursing, teaching and similar personal care professions.  Our sitters’ dedication to childcare is also evidenced by their long standing commitment to the Babysitters’ Guild.  Much of our staff has 10-15 years of employment history with the Babysitters’ Guild.  Our sitters are mature professionals with whom we maintain daily contact and a strong personal connection.


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The Babysitters Guild
Phone: (212) 682-0227

Opening Hours:
Monday: 9am to 9pm
Tuesday: 9am to 9pm
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